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Creative Excellence

Since its incorporation in 2003, ADWOW! has always charted new frontiers in creative excellence and aims to raise the region’s creative industry benchmark with creativity, impressiveness and effectiveness as the principal criteria of our wowing work.
Take a look at the impressive and results-driven collection of creative branding, advertising campaigns, collateral, mascot & new media design that we have wowed in the past 16 years for some of the world’s most recognised brands as well as the region’s growing SMEs with outstanding potential.
Our principal philosophy remains unchanged. Don’t just let people hear you, when you can make them go WOW! Creatively, impressively & effectively.
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Golden Chef CNY Campaign Design


LIFE Green Tea Packaging Design


Venus & Mars Body Wash Packaging Design


Nestum Brown Rice Matcha Packaging Design

LIFE Alkaline Water Packaging Design


Venus & Mars Body Wash Packaging Design


Yeo's Thematic Campaign Design

FairPrice Panty Liners Packaging Design


Takahi Thematic Campaign Design

Golden Chef Japanese Dressing Packaging Design


Sjora Thematic Campaign Design

FairPrice Cuttlefish Ball Packaging Design


UT Labs Branding Design


FairPrice Housebrand Thematic Ads & POSM Design


Yeo's Packaging Design


FairPrice Soya Milk Packaging Design

Edwin Campaign Design

Edwin Thematic Campaign Design


FlexMove Branding Design


FairPrice FHA Exhibition Booth Design

Coppertone Campaigne

Edwin Thematic Campaign Design

FairPrice Instant Noodle

FairPrice Instant Noodle Packaging Design

Maggi POSM

Maggi Instore POSM Design

FairPrice Dressing

FairPrice Dressing Packaging Design

Maggi Mascot

Maggi Mascot Design

Quaker Festive

Quaker Festive Packaging & POSM Design

Singpost Festive

SingPost NDP Campaign Design


Brands POSM Design

NAN Campaigne

NAN Tactical Campaign Design

SingPost Lipton

DM Rocket POSM Design

Seoul Garden

Seoul Garden Mascot & POSM Design

NAN Campaigne

Regional Marketing Toolkit Design For Epson Scanner


H-Two-O Branding Campaign Design

Miss Edwin

Miss Edwin Branding Campaign Design

Maggi Campaigne

Maggi Roadshow & POSM Design


Brands POSM Design

Singpost CNY

SingPost CNY Mascot Design

Maggi Campaigne

Maggi Cup Pasta Campaign Design

Maggi Extra Spicy Campaigne

Maggi Extra Spicy Packaging & POSM Design

Maggi Chicken Stock

Maggi Packaging Design

Milo Campaigne

Milo Thematic Campaign Design

Philips POSM

Philips Direct Mailer Design

Milo Campaigne

Milo Thematic Campaign Design

SEC Mascot

SEC Mascot Design

Singpost POSM

SingPost Thematic Mailer Design

H2O Campaigne

H-Two-O Tactical Campaign Design

KitKat CNY

Kit kat CNY Campaign Design

KitKat Christmas

Kit kat Christmas Packaging Design

KitKat Christmas

Kit Kat Christmas Packaging & POSM Design

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