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The H-TWO-O Ultimate Move
YEO'S & AdWOW! energize the dynamic branding campaign
YEO'S, the household name in the worldwide F&B market has engaged AdWOW! to strategize the latest branding campaign of H-TWO-O. 12 of the most acrobatic soccer personalities from the S-league were appointed to uplift the brand image, by demonstrating ultimate moves from different sports.

"Through the athleticisms of the soccer players, we want to bring out the ultimate sport "spirit" inside every active individual, and reinforcing the brand personality of H-TWO-O Originals as a dynamic non-carbonated isotonic beverage. An attitude to always push your limits and out-do yourself with every single move you make. H-TWO-O is the drink to drive you ahead and excel in your passionate games." George Heng, Creative Director explained. The "Ultimate Move" campaign is a collaboration between YEO'S and the FAS (Football Association of Singapore) to take the sports spirit to the ultimate level. Luxurious prizes will be given away to the lucky participants who vote for their favourite moves of the campaign. So hurry, get your entry forms today and make your move before others do!

H-TWO-O is Yeo's premier isotonic beverage label. Blended with healthy ingredients and free of artificial sweetening, H-TWO-O offers a wide variety of zests to complement the outgoing nature and active lifestyles of energetic individuals. What better way to replenish and rehydrate on a hot, sluggish day! Get a H-TWO-O, your ultimate thirst-quencher!

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