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Golden Chef CNY 2014 Gift Sets
Excellent Festive Gifts To Usher In CNY
Share the happiness of the season and send your wishes of prosperity, good health and luck with the sought after Golden Chef CNY 2014 Gift Sets (Seafood, Happiness and Prosperity sets) that have been given a refreshing revamp to make it even more appealing to customers. To offer more variety to customers, an all-new Imperial gift set has also been specially designed for FairPrice Finest & FairPrice Extra Shoppers^ this Chinese New Year.

After months of meticulous planning for the revamped and new designs since April last year, the 4 exquisite gift set designs are excellent choices for different recipients, be it your beloved family members or your valued business partners. Apart from the very attractive designs of the gift packs, customers can be rest assured of the quality and value of the Golden Chef products as the drained weight of the contents are indicated on each can.

Customers will also receive a specially designed Golden Chef Red Packets to complement each gift set. With the Chinese New Year just around the corner, get your gift sets that are available exclusively at all NTUC FairPrice outlets!

^Golden Chef Imperial Gift Sets are only available at FairPrice Finest & FairPrice Extra with limited stock.

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