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Society Of Chinese Cuisine Chefs
Founded in 2003, the Society of Chinese Cuisine Chefs has more than 250 members from the hotels and restaurants sector.

The mission of the association is to build camaraderie between chefs, to become a platform for the sharing of knowledge and to eventually raise the standards of Chinese cuisine in Singapore.

Since its inception, the association has received tremendous support, counting many high profile chefs as members. To strengthen ties with associations overseas, members from the association also travel extensively to various countries to network with fellow Chinese cuisine chefs and participate in competitions.



About Nestlé Professional®
At Nestlé Professional®, we’re committed to being your inspiring growth partner. We provide creative, branded Food and Beverage Solutions, which enable you to be highly innovative and delight your consumers.

Consumer behaviour is constantly changing. People spend more time eating and drinking out.

As the industry develops, so do we. The Food service business of Nestlé was created in 1976 and evolved to Nestlé Professional® in 2008, to partner with the ever-increasing foodservice operators around the world.

We combine global thinking with local understanding thanks to 14 dedicated foodservice factories, culinary centres, our Beverage Centre in Switzerland and over 10,000 employees, including a large number of skilled chefs, in more than 90 countries. Being part of the largest Food and Beverage company, we draw from the immense resources of the Nestlé group, with far-reaching network of research and development units worldwide.

We make our interactions with our customers count by getting to know their menus, their consumers and business challenges, regardless of whether they work in education, business and industry, leisure, convenience or cash and carry.







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