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Takahi® comes with taste.
Fresh positioning, same reliable great taste.
Takahi®, one of the leading brands of consumer kitchen appliances in Singapore, has just freshened up its market position in a brand refreshment exercise assisted by AdWOW!

“We started this comprehensive exercise in 2007 and since then, we’ve been committed to the brand’s promise of good and reliable product quality, which makes every meal in every household served with taste.” explains George, Creative Brand consultant, on breathing his client’s mantra, “Takahi® comes with taste”, when working on the campaign.

“Takahi® worked hand-in-hand together with AdWOW! for over 3 years on this exercise; front market analysis and segmentation all the way to the eventual brand positioning. Despite the economic downturn in 2009, Takahi®’s revenue continued to grow – a testimony of the success of this re-ignition exercise.” enthused by a representative at Midom Industries Pte Ltd, the brand owner of Takahi®. “We successfully uplifted Takahi® to the next level by means of advertisements, packaging, outdoor media, trade presenters, corporate image, and not forgetting new media – our website”.

Staying true to the new tagline “Takahi® with Taste”, the Takahi® research and development team will continue to invent new ways to combine modern recipes with traditional methods to help cooking lovers create tastier and healthier meals. This is made possible with the extensive and innovative range of Takahi® products.

Founded in 1973 to make cooking easier and more convenient, Takahi® products are trusted by many households in Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and Nepal.

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