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Dec 2006
Singapore Idol shines in first-ever showcase

Singapore (ad-wow.com, 4 December 2006) –- The very first showcase by the second Singapore Idol, Hady Mirza rounded off on a high note last weekend to a crowd of screaming fans. Proudly presented by Singapore Post and Universal Music, the event attracted fans to arrive as early as 7am in the morning. "We want to get the best seats and catchup with the other 'Happy Hady' fans", one of the early birds quipped. To gain entry, fans simply had to purchase the special edition Singapore Idol MyStamp sets and Hady's new album. SingPost worked closely with AdWOW! to produce posters, hanging mobiles, screensaver plus an immaculate award plaque, which was presented that day.

Originally a spin-off from the popular Idol franchise, the very watchable Singapore Idol gained tremendous fan base with its first season two years ago in 2004. Talented contestants are selected and eliminated based on fan votings, with the champion emerging after months of grueling trials. The new Singapore Idol, Hady Mirza has got his dreams fulfilled with a self-titled out in stores now.


Dec 2006
Takahi strides forward with new product launches

Singapore (ad-wow.com, 8 December 2006) – Takahi recently introduced a series of non-electrical products to its expansive range of consumer kitchen appliances. Being one of the leading local kitchenware brands, Midom Industries has been working closely with AdWOW! with a variety of product packaging and launches. This season, look out for a new range of vacuum jars, stewing pots and anodised cookwares, with its identity developed along vibrant nature themes. With each release, Takahi aims not only to provide for your culinary needs, but also a brand that delivers aesthetics and quality with taste. Watch out for the complete launch in January 2007!

Founded in 1973, Takahi has been a renown brand in Singapore for the high standards of its products. Ask any seasoned kitchen veteran and they will recall the signature orange/brown slow cooker pioneered by Takahi. With a vision to expand the brand to regional markets, Takahi has embarked on a re-ignition campaign to reinforce its position as a market leader. AdWOW! had assisted in revamping the brand through the packaging and various corporate communication items.


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