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Overwhelming WOW!Talk™ at Malaysia's largest high school!
Full House Attendance Inspired by a Stimulating Presentation

Johor Bahru (ad-wow.com, 15 Jul 2006) - Last Saturday, more than 300 audience flooded the lecture hall in Foon Yew High School to witness the first WOW!Talk™ held in a high school premise.

Titled A Branding Guy from Foon Yew, the 3-hour talk was delivered by AdWOW! Group Managing Director, George Heng. He was invited by the school's Journalist society to give the audience a preview of the exciting world of branding and advertising. His talk also discussed how he learned from active participation in curriculum activities in school as well as his route to entrepreneurship. Guests who graced the event include students, lecturers, fellow professionals from the local creative industry and also the vice principal of Foon Yew High School.

""Insightful! I believe this talk will have a positive influence on the youth. Hopefully the students can take these valuable experience as significant advice for their future." Madam Xie, vice principal commented. "Inspiring! It's interesting to see how someone like George can accomplish so much yet still able to enjoy himself fully in this tough and long journey ." Added Vivienne Tan, student from Foon Yew.

"I hope my simple yet enjoyable 'success' story can help inspire the next generation to strive for their dreams with confidence and joy..." said George, during the post-talk interview. Althouh the talk ended past schedule, most of the audience (including students, parents, lecturers and the vice principal) remained to take pictures, seek autographs and catch up with George and his fellow AdWOWers!

""The response was overwhelming! 95.6%* of the attendees requested for more seminars such as this. We're deeply encouraged... we'll surely plan more events to share our ideas and stories very soon." Said Miss Tang, the event organizer of WOW!Talk™.

WOW!Talk's next destination will be Kuala Lumpur, where George and Co. are scheduled to conduct a 1-day leadership training for the corporate sector. Stay tuned for more updates from AdWOW! as they continue their mission to develop a platform to cultivate effective and impressive brand communication.

*Based on the feedback survey conducted on the audience after the talk.

Visit www.wowsuperclub.com and get posted on events lined up for all you creative souls out there!

July 2006
Nestlé - Chillin' with the In-crowd with cool new promo!

Singapore (Ad-wow.com, 18 Jul 2006) - With Nestlé cold drinks, it's more than just quenching of thirst, but quenching of the heart's desires! With the coolest Apple goodies up for grabs, Nestlé Chillin' Good Times is meticulously crafted to target the youth segment. This is a special campaign for Nestlé cold beverages as it's their first exercise that involves island-wide partners from different channels. Calls and entries are fast flooding the hotlines!

Check out www.nestle.com.sg to grab the coolest prizes today!

July 2006
Night & Day Furniture - Unique personalities for the unique you.

USA (ad-wow.com, 10 July 2006) - Night & Day Furniture, together with AdWOW! present yet another line up of quality furniture_the "Standard Collection". This unique series feature 15 distinctive models named after major cities in the world, such as Manhattan, Venice & Fuji.

Targeted at the younger market who leads an urban lifestyle, the visuals are designed to create a friendly and youthful outlook. "An international appeal was implemented in the design. Different characteristics were used to express the unique features of this wide range of futon beds." Ian Lai, Director of Creative Services explained.

Night & Day is now available in the American and Canadian markets. Grab one that best suit your personality...

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