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WOW Tour 3 -
Surprising & Inspiring China Trip
AdWOWers Given International Exposure

Singapore (ad-wow.com 10 April 2006) - Last month, key personnel of AdWOW! were sent on a cultivating cum sightseeing trip to China's two major cities.

The trip was specially organised to provide AdWOWers a chance to gain overseas exposure in upgrading their global market knowledge. The destinations were the historical and cultural city of Hangzhou, as well as the commercial and financial capital of China - fascinating Shanghai.

"The objective is really to reward our hardworking staff. While taking time off our hectic schedule, we get a chance to rejuvenate and at the same time upgrade ourselves by studying how a rich historical civilization like China has developed into this modern day metropolis." George Heng, Managing Director AdWOW! commented.

From local street delights like the famous la mian noodles to varieties of fine dining, China has provided a mouth-watering experience to all. AdWOWers also had the chance to embrace the enchanting scenery of Xi Hu Lake and Jiashan Village, as well as the breathtaking cosmopolitan Shanghai.

"Simply brilliant and fun! Not only the stunning architectures and cultures have impressed me, the powerful use of local advertising and design was really captivating." Sean, AdWOW! Creative on his first ever journey to China.

"We are really inspirated and can't wait to put our ideas into our work! Stay tuned for more impressive works soon!" said Mun Ping, Senior Creative from AdWOW! Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur is the upcoming WOW Tour destination. Come and see KL from a different perspective with the WOW! creatives from 29-30 April 2006.

April 2006
SingPost's Friday Mailbox Surprise
How DM won over corporate partners and customers
The uncluttered cover allowed maximum visual impact, yet was highly engaging and able to communicate detailed explanations within its multiple pages.
April 2006
Pampering indulgence for two at The Legends

This month, SingPost’s Friday Mailbox Surprise sends readers to a delightful haven of pampering luxuries at The Legends Fort Canning Park for 1 month! Besides the exclusive use of the gym, pools, sauna, member’s lounge & other treats, this edition of FMS even lets you win up to 1 year’s free membership at the club.

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