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Thumbs up for Epson’s V500 photo scanner launch
Epson’s marketing teams across the globe receive excellent reviews for its ADWOW!-ed B2B marketing kit

Singapore (ad-wow.com, October 2007) Epson’s latest scanner – the Epson V500 photo scanner that’s excellent for office use with superb scanning quality and versatility hits stores recently with ADWOW! given the task to develop its B2B marketing kit for this product’s worldwide debut.

This B2B marketing kit developed hand-in-hand by the Epson marketing team and the creative sparks at ADWOW! is a follow-up to its V10 series which received rave reviews from Epson’s marketing teams across the globe, especially the South Korean and Chinese markets. Feedback from the marketing teams indicates that they find they marketing kit appealing and that they liked it.

More importantly, the marketing kit and creative content were invaluable to marketers as it was both useful and helpful to them when they launched the V500 photo scanner in their respective markets. The main draw point of the Epson V500 is that it is equipped with the breakthrough ReadyScan LED technology (Light Emitting Device), the first-of-its-kind for a dual-purpose scanner in the market. It is also Epson’s first and only scanner that requires no warm-up time thereby allowing users to start scanning right away. The quality of reproduction from all media i.e. 35mm film strips, colour or black and white slides, transparencies and medium format films is excellent and second to none. Apart from that, the Epson V500’s elegant silver and stylish black design will definitely be a chic addition to the office and will be the envy of visitors.

Oct '07

Malaysia (ad-wow.com, 12 October 2007) – SEC Electricare, together with AdWOW!’s creative input has extended its “electricare for yoü” concept with yet another value-added service. Now with the 5-Year Warranty plan, SEC ensures your electrical enjoyment is expanded! Enjoy a longer lifespan of your beloved products while your worries on costly repair and transportation charges are being taken care of by SEC. So grab this irresistible warranty plan at all 14 SEC Superstores today!

Discover on how SEC electricare for yoü on-line!

Oct '07

Singapore (ad-wow.com, 13 October 2007) – The active spirit keeps growing strong as MILO® continues to cheer on Team Singapore! AdWOW! was again the creative brains for the vibrant promotional campaign that is now bringing more cheers throughout the nation with its exciting contests and prizes. These eye-catching POS creative can now be seen at all major hypermarkets and supermarkets island-wide. So catch these promotions and stand to walk away with loads of attractive prizes!

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