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Powering Singapore with New Formula!
MILO energises with same great taste


Power Facts
  A) MILO is the number one chocolate malt beverage brand in the world
B)18 million cups of MILO are consumed worldwide in a day
C)The name 'MILO' comes from a Roman athlete in Greek mythology
    named 'Milon' who was famous for his legendary strength
D)The first tin of MILO was introduced in 1934 in Australia
E) MILO is also known as 'Kick ball' in hokkien in Singapore 'Kopitiams'.
    The slang came from the brand's sponsorship of soccer events in the region.


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  Power Blends

Discover the goodness rooted into the culture.
Check out these MILO blends with a local flavour!

A) MILO 'Bing'

Iced Milo

B) MILO 'Dinosaur'
Iced blended Milo with a topping of powdered undissolved Milo

C) MILO 'Godzilla'
A cup of Milo with ice cream and/or topped with whipped cream

D) NesLo

Milo combined with Nescafe powdered coffee

Other interesting recipes include MILO muffins, MILO 'kueh' and even MILO mooncakes!


  • More power updates from MILO coming soon!
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    Power Team  
Teo Heng Keat (Group Brand Manager, Nestlé Singapore)
MILO must remain at the forefront with consistent improvements as Singapore’s favourite energy drink.
Carilyn Chong (Assistant Marketing Manager, Nestlé Singapore)
All communications must bear these distinctive brand values: taste, nutrition, energy, success.
George Heng (Creative Group Head)
Understanding the brand allows us to bring out the true spirit of the brand.
Alvan (Art Director)
The challenge was to portray MILO as a trusted leader in sports drink while introducing its new formula.
Jordie (Creative Services)
Getting these things out within the scope of time was great exercise to keep us on our toes!
Shin Yen (Creative Services)
It's all about teamwork to successfully launch this campaign. Thanks to everyone's support!
Consumer Insights
Mr Loh (Retiree)
I choose MILO because it tastes good. Been drinking since a long long time ago.

Ms Doris Tay (Housewife)
My kids love it, that’s why I make MILO for them everyday for breakfast.


Mr Jody Yeoh
(University Student)

I drink MILO Kosong, ‘cos I like the taste. Drink it especially when I’m too busy at work. It helps to ease my hunger.

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