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YEO’S, challenging the taste of youths in U.K.!
Do you dare to face the taste of South-East Asia?
United Kingdom (ad-wow.com, 2 Feb 2007) – YEO’S recently launched an awareness campaign throughout the United Kingdom with AdWOW! fully handling its creatives. Targeting youths from 16 to 21 years old, the team leveraged on their school channels to reach this potential market who frequently cook their own meals.

Briefed to gain the awareness of these young adults through various below-the-line communications, AdWOW!’s challenge is to convey that YEO’S is the authentic taste from Asia that is uniquely different and yet easily available at their union shops. After understanding the background, AdWOW! used a dragon to creatively symbolise the taste of the east; while 3D warriors are braving all odds to acquire the dragon’s treasure of spices.

“Being unfamiliar with the asian culture, the audience needs strong visual cues that relates to the Asian origins of the products. With this unconventional execution, we want to provoke our young audience to try the hot, spicy and very oriental flavor of our products.” explained George Heng, Creative Group Head of AdWOW!

The results? A vibrant range of display collaterals that differentiates itself from the usual F&B market was developed and effectively provokes the desired audience in the colleges, universities and tertiary institutions. YEO’S is indeed ready to challenge the U.K. market with the taste of South-East Asia. How about you?

Feb '07
Singapore (Ad-wow.com, 23 February 2007) –Since the 1900s, Yeo Hiap Seng has grown with generations of Singaporeans to become one of the leading Singapore F&B company in over 60 countries worldwide. To reinforce YEO's as a brand with a unique multicultural understanding, AdWOW! recently created a mural for YEO'S that portrays its flagship products and its popularity among the younger consumers in Singapore. The engaging montage currently adorns the windows of a popular shopping mall along the Singapore River.

Widely recognised as a leader in the Asian drinks category, especially with classics like Chrysanthemum tea and Soy Bean Milk, YEO's has progressed to new tastes and new markets with innovative flavours and award winning packaging designs. Fresh offerings like JUSTEA, PINK DOLPHIN and H-TWO-O has prepared Yeo Hiap Seng to offer the vibrant taste for every walk of life. Through each brand exposure, AdWOW! looks forward to deepen the bond Singaporeans have for this trusted family friend, both creatively and insightfully.
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