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Ultimate Success for the Ultimate Move!
H-TWO-O and FAS pushes the sporting spirit in Singapore

The Ultimate Spirit soars with H-TWO-O
As one by one, our able-bodied champions are revealed, we can’t help but notice the increasing volume of shrieks and cheers by the moment. Strong indeed is the spirit of comradeship and sportsmanship, stirred up by ‘The Ultimate Move’ campaign. This, for the organisers, is indeed a great move to take the excitement off the stadium to the stage.

For the fans, it was a great opportunity to support their heroes in a light-hearted fashion. Like many others, Mhd Zulhelany, 17, a fan of Geylang United, was there to support their team and players. He was there to build up the team spirit as he has been a member of the Eagles for the past two years.

Even though not all present were athletes or sportsmen, the spirit of unity is strong as fans from all walks of life turned up in full force. Among the winners who voted for the finalist was a young boy (not older than 10) who was ushered upstage with his dad to receive his H-TWO-O hamper.

One particular fan stood out from the crowd. Despite being restricted to her wheelchair, it did not stop her from traveling all the way to support her favourite players. Her trip was well worth the effort as the six Ultimate Move hunks huddled around to autograph and even took many snapshots with her.

Perhaps the best way to sum up the ultimate spirit of it all was from Ms May Ngiam, VP Marketing for YEO’S, “We must not be afraid to fail, but always learn from it.” From the creation to the delivery of this campaign, such was the driving force that brought out the ultimate spirit in everyone to overcome the odds.

Just as such spirit lead the YEO'S marketing team to success, this ultimate spirit has fueled the Lion’s victory over the Thailand team in the Asean Football Cup. Indeed, we may soon see our fans and Lions bring their roar to the international fields!

Ultimate Moments
Event photographs courtesy of FAS (Football Association of Singapore) & YEOS.

Ultimate Insights  
Ratna Suffian
The 'Ultimate' Winner

"I think I nicked the top prize from the more physically superior lads thanks to my scissor kick!"

Teo Ser Luck
Parliamentary Secretary for Community Development, Youth and Sports

"Very well done... If it becomes a regular event, it will be good as it would possibly bring in more spectators to the S.League."

Winston Lee
CEO S-League

On the Asean Championship Cup: "... Our boys are up to the task, and they will surely bring back the cup!" Yes, Indeed!

May Ngiam
The 'Ulitmate' Visionary

"Well done to Ad-Wowers and for your great support! The promotion and event could not have succeeded without the sweat and sleepless nites by all of you. Much appreciated."

George Heng
The 'Ultimate' Director

"We want to bring out the unique physique and passion of the players... eye-contact and physique was the key."

Lye Yin
The 'Ultimate' Team-mate

"This marks the end of a very great year (2006) for us at
H-TWO-O, in promoting the importance of hydration in sports."

Chong MunPing
The 'Ultimate' Creative

"It's always satisfying as an art director that the campaign did well eventually. All the sweats, tears and sleepless nights paid off."

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